Water Blob For Sale – WB-03 (blue/white/green)

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    Please tell us your requirements, for example: the customized size/color. 



PVC folder mesh thickness of 0.9; customers can be customized according to demand; material for the double-sided PVC coating inflatable special mesh cloth raw materials, both through environmental certification and anti-aging test, with high wear resistance, tear resistance, airtight Good, high strength, durable, easy maintenance and other characteristics … …


1, the company inflatable products using professional thick PVC folder fabric, green, beautiful and durable.

2, the product can be customized according to customer design, I plant has experienced design team and senior production master, the use of double needle-line production process, product work fine, innovative design.

3, according to the size and complexity of product specifications, our general delivery time of 3-7 days, we will ensure the quality of products under the premise of delivery to customers as soon as possible;

【Maintenance Instructions】

1, paste requirements: first in the network to be damaged and paste on the fabric evenly coated with glue, and then dry to half a minute to paste the paste into the paste, flattened after the Alice, paste finished;

2, the toy was cut: ① mark less than 5cm can be directly paste;

② mark is longer than 5cm should be sewing in the needle and thread, and then paste with cloth or cloth paste;

3, such as a large area of ​​non-normal use of damage, they can not repair, can be sent directly to our factory for maintenance.


①, toys before deflation, with a semi-dry towel to clean the surface of the toy, dry after the deflated, folded home cool and clean;

②, if the toy storage poor water, can not be discharged in the case, put dry and ventilated place, dry until the water evaporated so far, remember to have water storage;

③, the blower should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture;

④, long-term storage of toys should be regularly checked whether the moisture, should be blowing in the ventilation and wipe clean.


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