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The Water Blob is a huge air tank placed in water. The Blobber is one that is guaranteed to have a maximum of sensation because it is located at the end of the Blob. The “Jumper” is the person who will jump from a platform at the other end and it will cause the catapult Blobber of several meters in the air. The Blob Jumping is a perfect blend of sun, fun and water! He is the last born of the tabloid trend sports in the lined of Jetski, banana and parasailing.

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How to Buy the Best Inflatable Water Blob?

Given that the nature of water blob determines the fun of blobbing, choosing the best in terms of quality and relevance is important. The first observation in a stock of inflatable water blob for sale is the color choices and patterns. In this case, the best choice depends on customer preference as well as the environment they plan to use. However, the actual factors of the blob are important and they include the following:

Material Used

Although PVC is the common material, it differs in rigidity and flexibility. For instance, blobs for kids should be firmer and less flexible to reduce the airspace. The material also determines the durability of the inflated blobs, based on the tendency to resist the impacts. The thickness of the material differs, which relate to price differences and recommended utilization. In case the blobs are for public purposes, thickness and strength of material should be the choosing basis.

Sizes and Shapes

The dimensional properties of the inflatable water blob for sale should relate to the space used. This is in consideration that users require adequate space for launching and landing. Other factors in size and shape include the intended users, since adults require bigger blobs. On the other hand, the shapes of the blobs for kids should provide adequate support during the activity. It is therefore advisable to assess the installation area before making purchases.


Brands, size and quality are factors influencing pricing of inflated water blobs. However, the forces of demand and supply come into play, depending on the site you purchase. For instance, some sites may consider adding the delivery charges on the basic price. The best site should have genuine and recommendable customer reviews, in terms of value for the inflatable water blob for sale. Finally, you may consider purchasing a number of blobs due to factors such as space distribution or variability of usage. In such a case, wholesale pricing may be cheaper when compared to retailing of the same quantity of goods.

History of Water Blob

An Awesome Discovery!

The concept of the discovery of the “blob” and will give birth to the activity “Jumping Blob” began with huge rubber tanks that were used to transport fuel in the US Army. One of the soldiers discovered the effect by Blob enjoy his company to jump on it. It was from 2008-2009 that the activity of the ‘blob-jumping “has quickly become an essential activity in the United States, and the phenomenon continues to grow.

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